Monday 24th October 2016
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The Bifold Door Guide

Welcome to the complete bifold door guide, here you can find out everything you need to know about bifold doors. There seems to be a lack of information online about these increasingly popular doors so we have built this website to provide you with all the relevant details. We do not sell bifold doors ourselves, we are simply an information source, but if you'd like to find a supplier in your local area please see the Supplier Directory which we are constantly updating.

Bifold doors can create a whole new feel to your home, whether you want to use them internally or externally. They can be chosen to match the existing style of your home and can provide a smooth transition between rooms, or between indoor and outdoor space. More and more people are choosing these doors over standard doors and adding that extra touch to their homes. To find out more about bifold doors please click here.

The photographs in the gallery have been supplied by a local companies Prospect Glazing and Morris & Maunders. If you have any images that you think we could add to the gallery then drop us an email.

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